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What We Offer

STEMPlay continues to expand our STEM based programs. Currently we run 4-6 week courses using the LEGO Spike Essential (ages 6-9) and Prime (ages 9-14) kits, Minecraft for Education, Microsoft Make Code, and Scratch Coding. We also have vacation courses that include additional STEM activities and experiences. In some locations, we offer run early release day programs that include a variety of hands-on learning opportunities.  

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After School and Weekend Programs

STEMPlay is excited to provide ongoing programs after school and on weekends. Our programs run 4-6 weeks, and will focus on a different theme for the duration of the course dates. We will start off by focusing on a new coding or building concept based on the model of the day. Next, partners will build a model, then add code to interact with their design. After, participants will modify their code and design to make it uniquely their own.

Summer STEM Programs

summer programs for childrn

Join us for a week of Summer STEMPlay fun! In this program, participants will cycle through a variety of STEM related activities. We will do some LEGO robotics, use a variety of online coding programs to teach participants how to develop video games and other fun coding activities, and do some fun science investigations, engineering challenges, and art projects! Each day we will get outside to play some outdoor games, too. 


STEMPlay kids birthday party
Children's birthday party event
STEMPlay kids birthday party activity

Birthday Parties and Special Events

Are you looking for a fun activity for a birthday party or special event? STEMPlay is happy to join you at your selected party venue, and will guide the party-goers through a fun building and coding activity.

Scouting Programs

As a family with long connections to scouting, STEMPlay would be honored to support your scouting program. In scouting, the engineering design process is clearly evident in the activities scouts are engaged in, especially the Pinewood Derby. We will show how the skill set necessary for this is applied during building and coding a LEGO model. While there is no set fee for this event, we ask for a donation to in our name. 

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