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 To say we feel incredibly lucky to have found Suzi and STEMPlay is an understatement -- I don't know where to begin in singing the praises for the program that Suzi and her family have created. My son has been a part of STEMPlay since it began in Cohasset almost 2 years ago and he consistently wants me to sign up him for every session. To watch the transformation he has undergone as a reserved, hesitant to try new things kiddo, to the confident and excited kid that runs into class each week has been nothing short of amazing. Suzi has created a welcoming, warm environment full of fun, hands-on STEM learning that has given my son so many opportunities to delve deeper into his growing interests in building, coding, programing and more. 10/10 recommend, no hesitation -- it's been so fun to see my son's growth and excitement for coding and programming take off and I feel incredibly grateful for him to have the opportunity to learn from Suzi and her family.
J.H. Parent

My kids have been participating in the STEMPlay classes since the first session and they beg me to go back each session. There is always something new and exciting to build! The instructors are fun, kind and caring and they are great at breaking down complex ideas into kid friendly lessons. They inspire them to be creative and think outside the box with their projects. Through STEMPlay my kids have learned important coding and computer design basics that will be a great foundation for them as they move forward.

N. D. Parent

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