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Good Mistakes

Over my year in teaching, I have come to realize the value and importance of making mistakes. I used to tell my students there are no bad mistakes when you use it as an opportunity to learn. This could not be more true when it comes to coding. Often when students feel frustrated that things are not working as expected, we will help them break down the program they created to see where the trouble spots might be. Asking them questions like "Have you considered....", "What part works/doesn't work?" allows them to think through the issue and correct it. This leads to pride and accomplishment.

I have never labeled myself a coder or programmer. I've made a TON of mistakes along my journey of learning how to code with our materials at STEMPlay. I know that may sound strange considering I run a business that is dependent upon it. Through these mistakes I have learned a LOT! What I have found over my years in the classroom, is that when I put myself in the role of student, I gain a better appreciation and understanding of what it is like from the student perspective. It helps me predict where others may struggle, and plan accordingly.

When you put children in the role of becoming experts, they build confidence and responsibility. My hope is to create a climate of support, guidance and encouragement

where students gain that moment of pride and accomplishment as they solve something they felt was a mistake.

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